Welcome to Hulsing Hotels

Hulsing Hotels manages a vast variety of properties including restaurants, fitness centers, medical companies, hotels and real estate leasing.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, associates, and our owners with our strong work ethic and unmatched level of dedication.



Hulsing Hotels owns and operates ten hotels located in North Carolina, Kansas, Tennessee, and Viginia. Learn more about Hulsing Hotels/Restaurants.

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Tennis and Fitness Clubs

With two locations in Asheville, we make it convenient for you and your family to stay active together. Our facilities are designed to provide you with the best tennis, fitness, golf, soccer and swim in our area.

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Medical Supply and Sleep Therapy Companies

Hulsing Enterprises provides quality medical supplies and medical services. Learn more about our medical companies.

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Job Opportunites


Apply for a position at one of our many hotels, fitness facilities, or medical stores.

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Fitness and Health Clubs


Become a member at one of our fitness clubs.

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